Every law student dreams of making it big in the legal world. Some do make it, others stay at the level of mediocrity. However, the way to fame is not standardised. It depends on your hopes, aspirations and the challenges that you are prepared to meet in life. There are two avenues open for you once you pass out of law school. One is to join a law firm as an apprentice and junior and work your way up from there and the second is to start your own law firm and hope to make it big. One thing is for sure. If you follow the latter path and can really be successful, there cannot possibly be anything more satisfying than that.

So how do you start your law firm once you have graduated from law school? Here are a few tips to set you on your way.

  • Lay the groundwork early – Do not wait till you graduate to set the ball rolling. The ideal time to put the basic groundwork in place is when you are still in law school. This is because you will be in close touch with your professors and crucially visiting guest faculties who in all probability might have their own law firms. Their advice to you would be immensely helpful. They will provide insights and tips on how to start off, the pitfalls to avoid and the directions to take. Once you have imbibed the basic ideas and have a formulated a rough plan, your way forward will be easier after graduation since you are already familiar with the dos and don’ts of starting a law firm.

  • Start off quickly – Since you already have a plan in place mentally, put it down on paper as quickly as possible after you finish school. It is recommended that you get in touch with a consultant to draw up a business plan. You might be an expert in law but a greenhorn when it comes to the logistics of setting up a firm. The consultant will guide you primarily on the financials – the amount required for moving into an office, setting it up and where to source funds from if you do not have your own little nest of savings to start off. He/she will also guide you with marketing strategies to spread the news that you are in business.

  • Specialise in a specific branch of law – Even though you might be an expert in various facets of law, litigants usually seek out a specialist when looking for a lawyer to present their case in court. This is the reason why you will find lawyers known for their expertise in civil laws, property laws, and criminal laws and so on. If you quickly want to establish yourself be known as an expert and authority in a specific branch of law.

This will also help you create a referral network. Say for example, you have made a reputation as a property lawyer. Another lawyer in your locality well versed in civil law will refer a client of his to you who is looking for a property lawyer. Similarly, you return the favour when one of your clients needs a good lawyer of civil law. In this way, you become a part of a network and your climb to the top becomes that much easier.

  • Good publicity – When you start a law firm, this should be foremost in your mind. In fact it could be the number 1 on your list of to dos. Hire a professional online digital marketing company to design and develop an SEO optimised website for your firm. Today more and more people are searching online for products and services before coming to a purchase decision. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to have a highly visible online presence if you want to cash in on opportunities to increase client base.

These are some tips that you can ease to take your law firm quickly off the blocks.

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