When you devise strategies to grow your law firm, the process should not start after you have opened your doors for business. In fact it should get off the blocks when you are still in law school and dreaming big about starting a law firm. Surprised? Here’s why.

When you are still in law school you are in an environment where you can easily pick up a few guidelines from your professors and lecturers and more so from visiting legal luminaries who already have established law firms of their own. Discuss your plans with them and ask for guidance on the ways and means to start off soon after you pass out.

It is while in law school that you must decide on which area of law you want to specialise in and choose your subject of studies accordingly. For fast growth of your law firm you must be an expert in a branch of law. People should know that you have the required professional expertise in a specific aspect of law instead of being a general lawyer.

This will also help you get referrals from other law firms and in turn you can refer to them clients who have approached you with cases in areas of law that they are experts in. This way, you will build up a network with other law firms that will lead to quick growth for you. A case in point is P&B Law. This law firm has excellent credentials as property and business lawyers and their name will crop up whenever anybody needs help in resolving property disputes or conveyancing. This is the type of reputation you should build up in your area of specialisation.

Now, fast forward to a scenario where you have finished law school and have started your law firm. You have a good location, a well furnished office and secretarial staff to start with. But how do you draw in clients and spread the message that you are in business?

In today’s digital age, you do not have to distribute pamphlets or flyers or give advertisements in the print media to draw attention. These traditional methods will help but only to certain extent. Instead have an attractive and user-friendly website designed by a top digital marketing agency and have it SEO optimised for high online presence and visibility. This will enable potential clients searching online for similar services as yours to find your website easily as it will be ranked high on results pages of major search engines. The net effect of this will be increased volume of traffic to your site and conversion and sales leading to quick growth of business.

An example of this is again P&B Law. Search for property lawyers in Melbourne, Australia and you will find pblawyers.com.au on the first results pages of major search engines.

Another way to achieve a steeply climbing growth curve is to make technology work for you and use it as a tactical and effective weapon in your arsenal. Have desktop dashboards that provide instant and real time data on such key matrix as billable hours, unbilled time, collections and realisations and cash receipts to clients. You can thus have all the specifics at your fingertips whenever you want to, leaving you with enough time to focus on your core activity of servicing clients. You can also install client relationship-management software that lets you track key links between clients, lawyers and staff.

Finally, develop a culture of transparency and trust in your law firm. All round comprehensive growth cannot occur without sharing of information with your employees. They should not feel compartmentalised and marginalised from the overall functioning of the firm. An alienated employee cannot be expected to perform to the maximum of his/her ability and this in turn will slow down the growth process of your law firm.

Follow these simple pointers and your law firm should be well on its way to quick exponential growth.

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