When you talk about law and lawyers it is almost like an infinite subject, a beginning for sure but endless in scope. Litigation, laws, court rulings are all complex to the common man. There are many aspects of law that a person might want to know of but is not aware of one credible and authoritative source capable of clearing all doubts.

This is where blog spot gonserassociates.com comes into the picture. We are a niche blog site devoted exclusively to law and all related subjects. We invite blogs from legal luminaries, fledgling lawyers, fresh graduates from law school and anybody else who has expertise on this issue. Our team will not restrict the scope that writers can write about. Anything that you feel will be interesting is welcome – news, trivia, information and firsthand experience related to the world of law is what we are looking for.

However, since it is a complex world and we understand that bloggers might have some difficulty in deciding on the topics to write on, here are a few suggestions to help you the writer get started off.

The first and obvious point to focus on is the various aspects of law in a broad sense. We use the term “broad” because readers might not understand the implications if bloggers dwell on sections of law in detail. Hence, we welcome write-ups about what say property law or criminal law or civil law is all about in uncomplicated terms.

Law students can narrate their experience of law school, what it takes to get admission and the different law schools in their respective locations.

Court rulings are usually of great interest to people. There have been many rulings in the past that have created a deep impact on society. Everybody would be interested in landmark judgements that have changed the course of their lives. Those in the know of these events and those who can write authoritatively on this matter are requested to send in their blogs on this subject.

Apart from these points, general topics are also welcome. Law students fresh out of college often find it difficult to know what to opt for- take up a position as an apprentice or a junior in an established law firm or branch out on their own and start one. Established lawyers can give their views on this subject and this will be of immense help to youngsters undecided on which step to take.

Similarly, there are many areas that can be touched upon. Contributors to gonserassociates.com can write in on any subject provided it is related to the niche of law and lawyers.